It used to be that when people thought of literacy, they just worried about teaching people to read and write. However, as our world has changed, so has the way we have to think about literacy. We need to teach students to be effective consumers and creators of many different kinds of media. That has led the National Council of Teachers of English to create its own Definition of 21st Century Literacies. Let's teach students to be literate for the 21st century... and amplify their voices along the way! 

Proficiency & Fluency with Tech Tools

Do your students use their tech tools to their full potential? Can they use extensions like Google Docs Quick Create to efficiently create documents? Do they know how to use the tools to their full potential? Students need to be taught how to align and justify text, to hyperlink, and to create tables. Then, once they write, utilize the SAS Writing Reviser Add-On and the Control + F Checklist to help students through the editing process. 

Collaboratively Pose & Solve Problems

Do your students still wonder? How do we teach students to ask good questions and create quality answers? Try using videos to spark curiosity and collect answers with Socrative. Practice developing good questions with the verbs of Blooms Taxonomy and practice arguing answers with debating with Google Docs. And if you're really stuck, try Hexagonal Brainstorming to find the main supporting ideas behind your question. 

Design & Share Informations

Get your students designing and creating information in 21st century ways! We're not just reading paperback books and writing literary analysis essays anymore (however, we're still doing that too). How might we use a variety of methods of communication to make a difference in the world?  Spoken word poetry combines passion and poetry to create a strong and compelling argument. Infographics visualize data to communicate a point. What are your favorite things to create with students?