Video of the Week: "How to spot a misleading graph"

Before the break, my seventh graders and I were exploring infographics. I'm excited to jump back in today using this video: 

Here's the conversation I'm looking forward to having with them:

  • Take a look at a few infographics. Do you see any misleading graphs? 
  • Now look at your own infographic... do you have any misleading graphs? 
  • Is it ethical to use misleading graphs like the ones shown in the video? 
  • Is there anything you feel like you should do as a consumer or a creator to fight against this? 

Video of the Week: "Year in Search 2017"

I always love the story Google tells with the year in search. This week they launched their 2017 version: 

Here's what I'm wondering: 

  • How many of the events did you know? 
  • What does this video make you think about our world today? 
  • How have the tragedies of the last year affected you and your family? 
  • Take a look at the real list of top 5 in every category. Does that change how you view the video? 
  • What do you hope 2018 will be about? 

Video of the Week: "Stories Are Everywhere"

"Stories Are Everywhere." The title alone drew me to this week's video. I love how Instagram combined pop culture and the creativity of people in this week's video: 

Here's what I'm thinking about: 

  • How could we do this as a project in school?! 
  • What makes an Instagram Story creative and interesting? 
  • What do you think about when you create Stories/Snapchats?
  • Which scene was your favorite? Why? 
  • How might it change your perspective everyday if you believed that "stories are everywhere"?

Video of the Week: "Life Without Data"

Whenever I find a video that's a bit over the top, it makes me think about what culture does to make it a relevant ad. Check out this one on "Life Without Data" out of Nigeria:

Here's what I'm thinking about after watching this video: 

  • Do you find this ad rings true to American culture as well? 
  • How do you react when you find your data (or the internet in general) not working properly? 
  • Will you take any time this holiday break to intentionally unplug from your connectivity? Why or why not? 
  • What's the effect of having the background song be a prayer? 

Video of the Week: "Behind the scenes video - Obsession - OKGOXDoubleA"

I first fell in love with OK Go when they released a treadmill workout on iTunes in 2007. I have very vivid memories of running to it in my parents' basement. Their quirky personalities and commitment to be fun make me smile every time. You might have seen that they released a new video this past week, "Obsession." I was once again mesmerized, but I'm even more intrigued by the behind the scenes video below. 

Here are some of the things I'm thinking about after watching: 

  • When you first watched Obsession, did you notice that the speed of the filming had been changed? 
  • This project took over 2.5 years! Would you stick with it for this final product? 
  • One of the great things about OK Go is that they are always open to a new sandbox. What sandboxes might you enter? 
  • "Work smart, play hard" - Do you agree with this philosophy? 
  • What was the role of collaboration in this video?