Project Spotlight: #PixInParks


Every year, the Santa Clara County Parks chooses seven trails to challenge hikers to complete over the course of the year. After participants complete all seven trails, they can bring their photos into the Santa Clara Country Park office to receive a free t-shirt or bandanna.

This interactive map allows users to view the 2019 trail locations, lengths, difficulties, and maps, all in one place.

Click the image below to launch the course!

Media used with permission, Santa Clara County Parks.

Video of the Week: "The Page Turner | Rube Goldberg | Joseph's Machines"

Video of the Week (13).png

For many, today marks the true beginning of summer break. It’s the first full week without the school routine. Inevitably, parents will begin hearing, “I’m bored” this week. This summer, Video of the Week will feature boredom-busting inspiration. First up: Joseph’s Machines - insane Rube Goldberg machines. What Rube Goldberg machine can YOU make?

Video of the Week: "Saying Goodbye"

It’s our last week of school. This week is all about signing yearbooks, graduation, and celebrating the hard work we’ve all done this year. But it’s also about saying goodbye.

Video of the Week (12).png

Here’s what I’m wondering:

  • How are you feeling about saying goodbye?

  • “Saying goodbye / Why is it sad? / Makes us remember the good times we've had.” What are some of your favorite good times from this year?

  • “Don't want to leave / But we both know / Sometimes it's better to go". Do you agree with this statement?

  • In the video description, the uploader writes, “ I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED.” Does that make it okay?