Video of the Week: "Behind the Banksy Stunt"

I’ve been fascinated by Banksy’s work since experiencing it’s power in Palestine a few years ago. He’s radical and showy and sassy, and I do believe he genuinely wants to make a difference in our world through his art. Last month he did it again by having his artwork self-destruct at auction. Take a look:

Here’s what I’m thinking about:

  • Should property owners paint over Banksy’s work when it’s found?

  • How does the fact that Banksy paints graffiti impact his message?

  • Why do frames have so much power to change the viewing of art?

  • How would you define art?

  • Define institutional art. Do you like this type of art?

  • Should auction sales go to the artist?

  • Who do you think is behind this recent stunt?

Video of the Week: "The world is poorly designed. But copying nature helps."

I love design, and I love nature, so obviously, this movie caught my attention:

Here’s what we’ll be discussing this week:

  • Which example of copying nature was most compelling to you?

  • Define biomimicry. Do you think this is a good design philosophy?

  • Form. Process. Ecosystem. Do you think one of these has more potential than the others in design?

  • How does this video impact your belief of an intentional designer versus evolution in the creation of our world?

Video of the Week: "Purdue Boilermakers rally support behind one of their own, super-fan Tyler Trent"

It was a good weekend to be a Michigan football fan. Michigan beat Michigan State, and Ohio State lost to Purdue. Perhaps the true strength Purdue needed was fighting for this super-fan:

Here’s what I’m wondering:

  • How does the background music change the video?

  • How does the narrator’s tone of voice impact the video?

  • Are you surprised they prayed for him? That they spotlighted it in this story?

  • Tyler Trent was at the game on Saturday, and Purdue did beat (stomp on) Ohio State. Do you think it’s because the team was fighting for him?

  • Why does ESPN take the time, energy, and money to develop stories like this one?

Video of the Week: "Lucas the Spider: Scary Stories"

I’ve been fascinated by the intense popularity of Lucas the Spider for a good six months now. He consistently has trending videos on YouTube with over a million views. Check it out:

Here’s what I’m wondering:

  • What makes these Lucas the Spider videos consistently popular?

  • Would the video be just as cute if the animator used his own voice instead of his nephew’s?

  • Do videos like this have the power to help people conquer their fears of spiders?

  • Why is this video a good example of personification?

  • How does the point of view impact the story?

Video of the Week: "Why the US celebrates Columbus Day"

Do you have the day off today? Do you wish you had the day off? Perhaps this video will change your mind:

Here’s what I plan on having my students discuss:

  • Summarize how Christopher has become a celebrated figure in America.

  • Should we celebrate a different explorer who actually came to America? If so, whom?

  • How does children’s literature & media impact the views of a culture?

  • Should cities opt out of celebrating Columbus Day?

  • Should we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day?