3 Tools I'd Explore... If I Had Time

Ever feel like there's so many things you'd like to learn, but you don't have time? As my eighth graders would start singing, "It's the story of my life." 

Well, Playdate San Jose is coming up on February 15. It's a good excuse to put your heads together with some other teachers (or teacher-like people) and play to learn. Because a) playing is more fun and b) that's why we do what we do.

In Playdate's honor, here are the top three things I'd learn with a few extra hours and a few extra brains.

1. Google Scripts

People are doing crazy things with scripts. Like cray-zay. And since I don't have TA's, I need Google to be my TA. I'd learn how to do some crazy things to add the crazy scripts I already know. I think they just might be the way to duplicate my brain.

2. GarageBand

My students are making the coolest things in GarageBand and I constantly think, "That's not fair! I want my voice to sound that cool!" Because somehow, the GarageBand voice sounds so much cooler than the iMovie voice. 

3. Student Film Festivals

My students are begging me to let them spend more time writing, directing, filming, and editing videos. We did this on a small scale, but they keep asking for more. I want to know how to manage this and create something on par with the California Student Media Festival (okay, maybe not that intense, but I do want it to be a really big deal). 

I can't wait for Playdate.

And honestly, I don't care if no one else wants to learn what I want to learn. I'll learn it eventually. I just want to hang out with some really smart people and play and learn.

What do you want to learn?

Come to Playdate with some ideas. Come to Playdate with some people. Come to Playdate with an open mind. Let's play together.