Students, I have dreams for you.

Dear Students,

I have a dream. I have dreams for you. I dream that everyone, even you, will be able to see how wonderful you are. I dream of how you will change your world. How you'll change my world. How you'll change the world. Today. Tomorrow. 5 years from now. 50 years from now. I dream about what you'll do.

The truth is, you're already making my dreams come true. You're making teaching less about me, and more about you. And it's giving me more dreams for you. I dream about the things you can do if I just move out of the way and let you do what you do. I give you projects with vague details because I believe in you. Because I dream about what you'll do. And then, I find you've done something beyond my wildest dreams. You didn't just create something awesome. You did so while loving people.

I love watching you collaborate. The way you naturally share ideas and ask for input. The hours you spend working in each others' documents, trying to be the best people you can be and encouraging others to do the same. I dream that the world would see that. I dream that the whole world would do that.

You're special people. You care. Yeah, you might tease one another and get on each others' nerves. But you care. You care to do your best. You care to be involved. You care to invite others in. You care. I have a dream that you'll share this care with the world. That it will transform the lives and outlooks of others like it has changed mine.

This isn't normal. You aren't normal. But it's wonderful, and it makes me dream for you. I hope that you'll understand how special you are. That you're creating great things. That your care and your ideas are worth sharing with this great big world. I hope you'll have the confidence to share what I see every day. The world needs it. The world needs you.

I have big dreams for you.

I have big dreams for you.

I have big dreams for you, and I believe you'll make them come true. 

This letter came out of our intro to The Cay by Theodore Taylor. Taylor dedicates his novel "to Dr. King's dream, which can only come true if the very young know and understand." In response to his speech, we wrote our own "I Have a Dream" speeches. Inspired by the devotion of my students, I wrote this speech to share with them.