We Love Class Dojo!

I love Class Dojo. My students love Class Dojo. My students’ parents love Class Dojo.

Why I love Class Dojo:

I finally have an accurate way to track participation in my class. Instead of just wracking my brain at the end of the quarter and assigning students a letter grade based on my perception of the student’s participation, I have data. I know how often they raise their hand and participate. I know how often they read with great expression. I know how often they’ve been a great team player. And I even know the not-so-pretty stuff, like when they interrupt me or come to class unprepared. I love that I can customize the behaviors that I want to see in my class. I love that I can award multiple students, even the whole class, at one time. I love that it will pick random students for me (like the popsicle sticks I never get around to making). I love that I can pull up a graph of a student’s week/month/year and have a conversation with them about their behavior. And I love that my kids use it. :)

Why my students love Class Dojo:

Students love feedback. They love compliments (who doesn’t, right?). They love to know that they have their teacher’s attention. Class Dojo lets them see what I see. They can consult their graphs and hear compliments from me, even if I don’t say them in class. They can track their participation and understand why they get the participation grade they get. They can make their “alien” unique to them by customizing it. (Class Dojo calls them avatars, but I call them aliens because, let’s be honest, middle schoolers are aliens.) They love getting recognized for their positive behaviors.

Why my students’ parents love Class Dojo:

They’re finally hearing positive things from teachers about their students! They receive insight into the classroom about what we did that day and how their student participated in it. Parents recognize that positive feedback is often more powerful in developing a student’s character than negative feedback, and they love that Class Dojo recognizes that.

We love Class Dojo!

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