We made an iBook!

My students are amazing. 

Together, we made an iBook version of A Christmas Carol. We spent hours and hours curating and creating different resources to help readers understand the text and apply it to their lives. Students worked and reworked different products to put them in the book. And it was awesome.

Yesterday, as we debriefed the whole thing and discussed if we'd do it again next year with a different text, my students swelled with pride and excitement. My favorite part was when one student said, "We should have even less guidelines of what do," and a classmate replied, "All she did was tell us to create something awesome."

But my students didn't just create something awesome. They created a lot of somethings awesome.

Check it out.
Let us know what you think.
Let us know what you'd change.
Let us know what you love.
Let us know what you'd add.
Let us know what something awesome you create.

A Christmas Carol - iBook Version
A Christmas Carol - PDF Version

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