My Quest to Be a Trophy

Teachers get a bad rap for their love of summer vacation. But I'll say it: I love summer vacation.

Yes, I love my students and on most days I love my job, but summer break is magical.

People, especially people unassociated with schools, often ask me what I'm doing with my summer this year. People figure, with all that spare time, I must have grandiose plans. My response: "Be a trophy... Like a trophy wife without any of the responsibility." I plan to cook elaborate meals for myself and use my home to throw dinner parties. I plan to do what I want, when I want, but that's not what you think.

The truth is, I have lofty goals for this summer. I have a lot of things I want to do that I don't feel like I have time to do during the school year.

I'm working on learning Portuguese through Rosetta Stone, hoping to use it to return to Mozambique next summer.

I'm seeing how many meals I can cook by just walking to get the ingredients.

I'm spending time with my family, where we eat good food, read good books, and fill hours with good conversations.

I'm attending a variety of ed tech conferences, hoping to learn more and share the things I've learned. I'm excited to even bring some of this learning back to my home state.

I'm reading books to challenge me, to make me think, and to make me feel. I'm walking to the local children's bookstore and buying and reading books to put in my classroom library.

I'm keeping my home clean and my fridge stocked, ready for anyone who wants dinner. I'm investing in the people who I sometimes neglect because my job takes almost all my people energy.

I'm reworking some of my curriculum and workflow practices in order to give my students my all. I'll read new books, make new lesson plans, and streamline as much as possible.

So yes, I'm on summer vacation, but I'm not just loafing around. I've got big plans. And in week one, many of them are already happening. I can't wait to see the trophy I become by the time school begins again.