Please Fix Our Leaky Faucet

To Whom It May Concern:

We are the San Jose Christian School Algebra ½ class, and we have a leaky faucet here in room 21. We did an experiment by catching the water drops in a graduated cylinder to measure how much water is wasted per minute, and found that it wastes 24 mL per minute. Although a constant drip doesn’t seem like much, it wastes 9.129 gallons per day and 3,332.37335 gallons a year. That’s enough to have about 308 showers per year.  

Since we’re in a drought, that’s way too much water that we don’t need to waste. The water wasted could have gone to help quench 4406 people’s thirst who needed it. Just yesterday, Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought State of Emergency and ordered actions to be done to conserve water (, and we believe this is one small thing we can do to help.

We also discovered that this means we’re wasting a little bit of money each year. Although it’s only $14.61 per year, these costs could continue to increase as water costs continue to increase in the midst of this drought.

We think you should hire a plumber to fix this faucet so we can save all that water and a little bit of money on the water bill. Even though the bill at the end of the year isn’t too much money, we want to minimize the amount of water we waste on a daily basis – 9.129 gallons from our leaky faucet. As we all know, California is in a really big drought, but every bit of water can help people, animals, and nature throughout this experience.

Please see the attached report for further information about the study we completed. We appreciate the time you’ve taken to read this letter, and we truly hope that you’ll fix our leaky sink.


San Jose Christian School’s 7th Grade Algebra ½ Class

Leaky Faucet Report

First, we got graduated cylinders and put them under the leaky faucet for one minute, measuring the number of water drops at five second intervals. After sixty seconds, our graduated cylinder contained 24 mL. We then assumed a constant rate of change to calculate the volume levels for each of the five second intervals, and found that about 34 liters is wasted per day. Here’s the table of the information we gathered:

After we measured the water drops in one minute, we assumed a constant rate to calculate the amount we waste every day and year. We discovered the following equivalencies:

1,000mL = 1 liter

34 liters = 9.12979 gallons

As a class, we looked up the number of minutes in a day and multiplied 1,440 minutes by 24mL, which is the amount of mL the leaky faucet is wasting per minute. Overall, once we solved this equation we came to 34,560 mL wasted in a day!

1,440 minutes (1 day) X 24 mL per minute = ~34,560 mL per day

Everyday the faucet wastes ~34,560 mL, which is ~9.12979 gallons and wasting 9.12979 gallons per day for 365 days, wastes a total of 3,332.37335 gallons in a year.   

We waste about 9.12979 gallons a day, which is 34.56 liters. Every year we waste 3,332.37335 gallons, which is 12,614.4 liters. That’s enough for 4 people to have a full year’s worth of water to drink ( The amount of water wasted by this faucet in a year is ~3,000 gallons. This is enough to fill 71 bathtubs according to WaterHeaterTimer (

According to the San Jose Drinking Water Rates (, the cost of water is about $3.279 per 748 gallons. We then assumed this rate throughout. From that, we calculated the price per gallon:

$3.279/748 Gallons = $x / 1 Gallon

From this, we discovered that the rate is $0.00438369 per gallon.

Assuming this is a constant rate, we calculated that we waste $14.61 for the 3,332.37335 gallons we waste each year. That’s 138 average american bath tubs (! That’s a lot of water from a leaky faucet!

The picture below shows the effects of our drought. By wasting 9.12979 gallons a day, we are not helping to problem. We need to fix this quickly.