Graphic Design for the Non-Designer

I've never considered myself artistic. Creative yes, but not artistic. I have terrible memories of my middle school art teacher taking over projects when I asked for help. I am perfectionistic, and I get stressed out whenever I try to draw or paint or sculpt. 

However, this summer I've been having a lot of fun learning more about graphic design and creating digital marketing pieces. I love that creating digitally allows things to turn out the way my brain sees them instead of changing the moment I put my pencil to the paper. Here are a few of the things I love using to make me look like I know what I'm doing. 


I started using Canva with my school last year to help them make digital content for our social media channels. Now that I've joined Instagram, I'm using Canva to create posts to share. It allows me to start from a template or build my own. I love that I can use shapes and type and color to create something that looks nice while sharing my message. And this week they even announced their iPhone app


I broke up with Google Sites about a year ago now for the sexier, smoother SquareSpace, and there has been absolutely no looking back. I'm easily able to move elements into different blocks and columns. It looks like the new Google Sites is headed this way, but I don't plan to give SquareSpace up. And with the new starter pages they announced yesterday, pretty pages are even easier. 

Noun Project app for Mac

Noun Project app for Mac

The Noun Project

People love icons these days. They give us information really quickly. That's why I love teaching infographics. The Noun Project has a ton of icons for you to either purchase or use under Creative Commons. I even learned how to change their colors in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Okay, this one is probably not for the non-graphic designer, but I have been using it a lot and learning a lot about it a lot this summer. Honestly, I think it's unintuitive and clunky. However, it is pretty powerful. I'm just sad I need to Google tutorials instead of just pushing buttons. 

I've had a lot of fun creating with these tools, and I'm excited about the changes already on my website and the ones I'm still working on. These tools have allowed me to be creative without my perfectionism freaking out. I look forward to continue to use them as I build presentations and continue seek to use visualize my ideas.