racheldiep.com becomes amplifiedEDU.com

If you Google Rachel Diephouse, you'll find a whole page of me.  This has been a huge source of pride for me for the past couple years. It has been so fun becoming involved with the ed tech community and leading professional development for teachers and students how to use Google Apps for Education, YouTube, and a variety of other tools that help teachers transform student learning. I'm constantly amazed by what students and teachers do and say. I've learned so much from the process. But don't worry, even though you might not find me (yet) when you Google Rachel Medeiros, I'm still here, and I'm still leading the same trainings. I just have a new name: amplifiedEDU.

Why amplifiedEDU? 

I believe that technology has great power, and I hope to empower teachers and students to utilize technology to amplify positive voices that change the world. I teach middle schoolers, and I constantly tell them that they're the most underestimated people in our world. People don't think middle schoolers have much to say, but their voices are beautiful and powerful and important to listen to. That's one of the reasons I love teaching spoken word to my students so much. 

Therefore, just like before, I promise to offer professional development that not only trains teachers how to use a tool, but that also teaches teachers how to use it to deepen student learning and amplify their voices. I always want teachers to walk away from my trainings inspired by what students can do and with ideas about how to amplify their own students' voices with technology.

amplifiedEDU on Instagram!

In addition to the new name, I've decided to join Instagram as a way to amplify voices. Check it out - amplifiedEDU on Instagram - or join in the amplifying of voices with #amplifiedEDU. I'm really excited for this new place and way to share all of the amazing positive voices I'm hearing.