Students, Keep Each Other Accountable

Hi students! Can you believe that we’re starting school in five days?! As teachers, we can’t wait to have your smiling faces in our classrooms. So please, bring your smiles. I hope that you’ve learned a few things as a part of this Digital Citizenship Countdown.

As we begin the new school year, I hope that you’ll keep each other accountable. Some of my best friends are those who kept me accountable in middle school. They’re still the ones that I go to when it seems like nothing goes right or when I have something to celebrate. I wish the same for you.

Remember that you fuel each other. You fuel each other to have the strength to do well. You spur each other on. However, you can also easily add fuel to each other’s fires. Encourage each other to do well and to be well.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to do that: 

  • Have some code words. Use words or phrases to call each other out without throwing each other under the bus. Maybe asking about the weather hints to your friend to stay on task in class. 
  • Use physical reminders. Put something on your computer to remind you to use your time wisely. Maybe it's a sticker of a jelly bean or even a Post-It to remind you to spend your time wisely. 
  • Be specific about your goals. When we aren't SMART with our goals, they often don't keep them. Give your goals words and share them with your friends.

All that to say, use your friends to help you be awesome. And in addition, be an awesome friend. Please help keep each other accountable. You'll much prefer to hear it from them than your parents and teachers, I promise.