Students, Listen to Your Parents and Teachers

Guess what, students! Only TWO days until school starts! Woot! You can continue pretending to grumble, but I know you're excited for your school supplies and to see your friends everyday. I hope that you've been setting good boundaries as you've enjoyed your summer and maybe even listened to a few things as part of this Digital Citizenship Countdown.

Dear students, please listen to your parents and teachers. We really are try to help you be successful humans not ruin your social life. Really truly, we want what's best for you. This is what we want for you (among other things):

We want you to be able to carry on a face-to-face conversation with other humans. 


People are really important to us and have made a huge difference in shaping us into the men and women we are today. There are so many times in our lives when having someone to hold us while we cry or having someone to laugh with us until we peed our pants has made a world of difference in our lives. It's the people, not the things, that have made us who we are. And sure, some of that can happen with technology, but there's nothing as great as being face-to-face. We also just think this is a really important skill for you to have. Even more so than a good handshake. We want you to rock your future job interviews and have great first dates and grow up to be normal social humans. 

We want you to be well-rounded humans. 

Yes, I realize that's a really grown-uppy thing to say, but it's true. We want you to love the great outdoors and reading books and building things and cooking tasty foods. Sure, we're not always great at modeling that, but we know that we feel better when we do a variety of different activities in our life, and we know you will too. 

We want you to be present where you are. 


There are so many things fighting for your attention, including us. We want you to be present and engaged with us no matter where we're at. It's so hard for us to see kids sitting at a table together all staring at their phones, rather than being present. We fear that you're missing out on the great opportunities in front of you while you're looking at the screen or having your earbuds in. Yes, there are definitely times where they're are really great things on that screen, but sometimes there are even better things right in front of you. Your little sister looking up to you, hoping you'll play again. Your teacher imparting her awesome wisdom to you. Your friend sharing her heart. Be present where you're at and engage with those in front of you. 

And yes, we know there are times when we just don't get it, and we're out of touch. In those times we ask you to to try to calmly express what you're thinking. Help us understand more about the world you're living in so that we can best know how to support you and love you in it. We're really not trying to ruin your life.