Students, Use Your Time Wisely

Only 14 more days until students descend on my campus! Students, that means only 14 more days of your glorious summer. Are you using it well? 

Before break I showed my students one of my favorite YouTube videos: "The Time You Have (In Jellybeans)." Take a look: 

Convicting, huh? Do I want to say that I spent my 2,740 jellybeans scrolling through Facebook? Um, no. 

So students (and parents and teachers and humans in general), I need you to think about how you're using your time online. 

What are you reading? Is it making your life better in any way? 

What are you watching? How is it changing you? 

What are you posting? Is it making others' lives better in any way? 

What are you creating? Is it growing your brain or your heart or your soul? 

What are you talking about? Are your conversations useful or just full of nonsense? 

Seriously, take some time to think about it. Maybe talk about it with a friend. I wonder if we're honest, how many of our device jellybeans are used productively. 

I love technology. I love the power that it has. It can deepen friendships. It can spread awareness. It can teach us new things. But... and this is a big but... we need to choose to use it that way, even when everyone around us isn't.

For example, I love this video on the right that tells the story of one school and how some people chose to change their campus by offering complements online. There's power there. Technology amplifies your voice. Are you using that power for good? 

Take some time to track your use of free time this week. How much time are you scrolling through Instagram? How many hours did you spend playing games? How much of your texting and Facetiming were filled with intentional conversations? How often did you play outside or talk to someone face-to-face?

I'm not saying to get rid of your tech. But be intentional with it. Use it wisely to amplify the wonderful things your voice has to share.