Students, Be Organized

EIGHT more days until school starts! Wohoo! You've probably gone back to school shopping and your pencils and folders are ready. But is your Google Drive? Is your computer? Part of being a good digital citizen is also knowing where your stuff is so that you can use it at any moment. 

Go to your Google Drive. Search "Untitled." How many things do you have named "Untitled ______"? That's a problem. Take a time out right now and rename them. This post will still be here when you're done. Look, I'm just as guilty and need to take some time to clean up some things as well.

And then there's folders. We require you to use them in your binder to organize your stuff. And I know they help. How do I know? I go through your binder when you've claimed to have lost your homework and find that it's just in the wrong spot or shoved in the front pocket of your binder. If you took some time to put things in the right place it would end up saving you a lot of unneeded stress. 

The same is true in your Drive. It really doesn't take a lot of time to organize your documents. Look at the top of your Doc (or Spreadsheet or Slides or... ). There's a folder right next to the document's title.

By clicking that folder you can organize your document by putting it into the folder it belongs. Or you can even just drag and drop them in your Google Drive. 

Take some time to make some folders. Make one for "6th Grade" and dump all of your sixth grade documents in there. Then add some sub-folders: one for language arts, one for history, one for science, etc. Now do the same for 7th and even 8th. Then as the school year starts you have a place to put things as you make them. I like to put subfolders within those subjects based on the unit we're studying. 

Take the time to do the same thing on your computer as well. Maybe even make a folder for all of those things that you've found on Tumblr that you like. I promise you it will save you from some unneeded stress throughout the year.