Video of the Week: "How to Use Rhetoric to Get What You Want"

Honestly, I'm still having a hard time watching how adults are disagreeing. So much has happened in the U.S over the past week, and there are opinions flying everywhere. However, it seems to me that more people are focusing on mocking people or saying they disagree rather than asserting their view of truth. I think it's time to return to a study of rhetoric: 

Forensic (Judicial): establishes facts and judgements about the past

Epideictic (Demonstrative): makes a proclamation about the present

Symbouleutikon (Deliberative): communicates the future

  • Ethos: convinces an audience of your credibility
  • Logos: uses of logic and reason
  • Pathos: appeals to emotion

Here's what I'm thinking about after watching this video: 

  • Which do you think is most convincing: Forensic, Epidictic, or Symbouleutikon?
  • Are you most often convinced by ethos, logos, or pathos? Does that differ from that which you think you should be most convinced?
  • What methods of persuasion are we seeing right now? 
    • By politicians? 
    • By social media users?
    • By protesters?