Video of the Week: "Google - Year in Search 2016"

At the end of last school year, I began building a "staff dashboard" for our staff - a one page webpage with all of the calendars, forms, and resources we need as teachers. As a part of this, I've been posting a video of the week. In 2017, it's my goal to also share these videos on the blog along with some questions to discuss with students and teachers. 

I always love watching Google's Year in Search and looking back over the past year. These are some of the questions I'm thinking about after watching this video:

  • What event(s) from 2016 are particularly memorable for you? What do you think has made them that way? 
  • What event(s) from 2016 are you ignorant about? Find and read an article about it.
  • Watch the video again and just pay attention to what lies within the search box. Why did the editors make these choices? 
  • How did the ending words make you feel? 
  • Is it enough to search for love? How might we create it instead? 

What questions would you ask after viewing this video?