Video of the Week: "Behind the scenes video - Obsession - OKGOXDoubleA"

I first fell in love with OK Go when they released a treadmill workout on iTunes in 2007. I have very vivid memories of running to it in my parents' basement. Their quirky personalities and commitment to be fun make me smile every time. You might have seen that they released a new video this past week, "Obsession." I was once again mesmerized, but I'm even more intrigued by the behind the scenes video below. 

Here are some of the things I'm thinking about after watching: 

  • When you first watched Obsession, did you notice that the speed of the filming had been changed? 
  • This project took over 2.5 years! Would you stick with it for this final product? 
  • One of the great things about OK Go is that they are always open to a new sandbox. What sandboxes might you enter? 
  • "Work smart, play hard" - Do you agree with this philosophy? 
  • What was the role of collaboration in this video?