Video of the Week: "A Brief History On the Fear of Immigrants"

This year I've found my curriculum to fit in really interesting ways with the political climate of the United States. We've read A Long Walk to Water and discussed the refugee crisis facing our world today. We're reading I Am Malala and discussing women's rights and the misunderstood Muslim faith. And while I greatly prefer not to talk about politics and think that adults are doing a terrible job doing it, but I found this brief history too important to pass up. 

Here are some of the things I'm wondering as I watch this week: 

  • Do you agree with the claims this video presents? 
  • What would the other "side" say in response to it? 
  • Who in your family immigrated to the United States? When? 
  • Have you heard of these historic events? What do you wonder about them? 
  • How would you suggests countries welcome immigrants? 
  • How can we help rid our country of the fear of immigrants?