Video of the Week: "Human Population Through Time"

I first learned about this video through Kelly Kermode (@coachk) at IntegratED a few weeks ago, but took a closer look when it popped up in my YouTube feed this morning. Video is so powerful for communicating and visualizing ideas. At CUE this past weekend, I gave a new workshop on the importance of teaching NCTE's 21st century literacies, and I was reawakened to the importance of building my students' media literacy. I want them thinking deeply about videos such as this one. 

Here are some of the questions I'm thinking about: 

  • How do different historical events change population growth? 
  • What historical events are missing from this list?
  • What will be the next historical events that change population growth?
  • How did they measure the population numbers throughout time?
  • Why are fertility rates dropping?
  • Do you agree with the solutions the video offers at the end of the video? 
  • What solutions would you suggest to take care of our world?