Video of the Week: "The Bedrooms of Children Around the World"

It's conference season, and I've been presenting a lot over the past several weeks. I've been giving a new presentation called Amplify Your Assessments!, which guides teachers through a backwards planning process to create a new unit project that assesses learning and empowers students to solve real world problems. Part of that process involves inspiring students to see the world around them. This is one of my favorite videos for opening student eyes.

Here are some of the questions this video has me thinking about: 

  • Which bedrooms most surprised you? 
  • Which bedroom was the most like yours? 
  • What does your bedroom say about you? 
  • Research one of these places and share what you find. 
  • Why do you think some kids are smiling and others are not?
  • Do you think the type of bedroom you have correlates with your happiness? 
  • What would we find if we made a video of "The Bedrooms of Children in (Insert Your City)"?