Video of the Week: "The Secret Behind Dum Dums' 'Mystery Flavor'"

One of my favorite childhood restaurants always had Dum Dums at the checkout. It was always such a thing to pick out our flavor afterwards. I love the small idea that makes a big change in their mystery flavor. Take a look:

It wants me to buy a few bags, unwrap all of the mystery flavors, and see how they compare. Here's what I'm wondering: 

  • How much money do you think they save a day? 
  • How many different combinations of "mystery flavor" are possible with 15 flavors of Dum Dums? 
  • What other things can you think of with "mystery flavors"? Can you find out how they do it? 
  • What other small changes do you think the world can make to cut down on waste? (One of my favorites this year has been Imperfect Produce. Sign up and get yourself some ugly looking fruits & veggies!)