Video of the Week: "The Reflection in Me"

The past two weeks have been a big detox for me as I unwound myself from the anxiety of the end of the year, graduation, and moving. But I'm back with a beautiful video of the week written by Marc Colagiovanni and illustrated by the wonderful Peter Reynolds as they seek to "empower children of all ages to find the courage to look inside and love themselves as they are" (FableVision).

Here are a few things I'm wondering after watching this video: 

  • Make a list of the similes in this story. Which is your favorite? What makes these effective for storytelling?
  • What do you need your reflection to say to you? 
  • How might you be a positivity mirror for those around you? (I think this would be a really powerful mentor text for students to follow either as an exercise for themselves or for their classmates. Perhaps this will be a beginning of the year activity for me.)
  • Do you ever "preach to yourself" like this?