Video of the Week: "NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant Commercial"

Just over a week ago, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship! Shortly after the conclusion of the game, Nike aired this ad: 

I love the power of this commercial's ending. Here are some of the things I'm wondering: 

  • What effect does it have on sports professionals to hear commentators say negative things about them? 
  • What effect does the negativity of commentators have on us as listeners? 
  • When have you heard someone say something negative about you? How did that impact you? 
  • How does playing this right after the completion of the game impact the advertising strategy? 

On another note, I'm reading Carol Dweck's Growth Mindset right now, and I can't help but draw the comparisons. Kevin Durant definitely has not let the negativity of others stop him from continuing to learn and grow. What a great example of a growth mindset!