Video of the Week: "The Truth Is Hard"

One of the new presentations I've been doing lately is on what the National Council of Teacher identifies as 21st Century Literacies. Every day I'm a little more struck by how important it is to teach students these things that aren't necessarily a part of our curriculum but yet are so important for every day life. Last February The New York Times released a commercial series on how the truth is hard to find. Here's the first one: 

Here are some of the things I have been thinking about in response to this video: 

  • How many times a week to we hear "the truth is..."? Do we automatically accept these things as truth? 
  • Many people also find the New York Times a biased organization. In fact, the NRA even made this video in opposition to the one the Times created. How do we discover what the truth really is? 
  • Take a look at one of the other videos in the series. How does photo journalism impact your view of truth?
  • What would you include on your own "The truth is..." list? 
  • How do we as teachers help students see and find truth without exposing them to our own bias?