Video of the Week: "Always #LikeAGirl - Keep Going"

Our staff has been thinking a lot about "Growth Mindset" this summer and how we can implement that view in our classrooms. This same push has been throughout the education community as we seek to help students view failure as an opportunity to learn rather than a definitive end. Always has release a commercial that's a perfect reminder about failure - and it's not just for girls! 

Here's what I'm thinking about: 

  • Does fear ever paralyze you? 
  • "Failure. The one thing that everyone is afraid of, but the one thing we all experience." What's one thing that you've failed at? How might voicing these failures remove some of the stigma of failure? 
  • "We only truly fail when we don't even try." What are you neglecting to try out of fear of failure? 
  • Students, what can parents & teachers do to support you in safely failing?