Video of the Week: "Framing"

I love John Green as much as a teen girl. I love the stories he tells, and I especially love his honesty. And although I don't always love the behavior in which his characters engage, I appreciate his honesty of the teen experience and of the human experience as well. The same is true with this video. (Thanks to Darren Hudgins for bringing this one to the surface for me.)

Here's what I'm thinking after viewing John Green's honesty: 

  • Do you frame your online presence? What are you trying to convey with that framing? 
  • Should people frame their online presence? 
  • Green says, "In telling the truth, you tell among many true stories, which true story to tell." Do you agree with this statement? 
  • How does remembering this framing help give us perspective on our time on social media?