What was your most life-giving moment today?

In October, I started a new practice in my life: recording the most life-giving moment of every day.

Every day when I come home from work, I head to my home office and take a moment to ponder the day. What filled me with joy? What made me feel alive? What am I grateful within the day?

Holding a blue screen for my students as they make a movie. Creating a standards cheat sheet. Making videos for our fundraising campaign. Teaching Robert Frost’s “Mending Wall.” Building a eLearning course for medical device professionals. Creating logos & graphics. Planning PD. Listening to grandparents share oral histories. More Than A Selfie, our program for mentoring middle school girls on our campus.

Each day gives life. Each day brings joy. Each day leaves me grateful.

Sure, some days I have to work a little harder to find a thing. Some days are much more life-giving than others. However, each day has something for which to be grateful. Each day has something recorded on a monthly calendar I have on my desk.

This practice has also infiltrated our dinner table as my husband and I share our most life-giving moment of that day. This has been such a better question for me than “How was your day?”. This requires something concrete. Something real. Something that says something about who I am.

As I look to Thanksgiving tomorrow, I can’t help but be grateful. On a large level, I’m thankful for a home and a table to eat around. The smoke we’ve had in the Bay Area over the last week has been a poignant reminder of this. However, this Thanksgiving, it’s the little things, the day-to-day things, the life-giving things that are making me stop in my tracks and be grateful.

What was your most life-giving moment today?