Video of the Week: "We Are Never 'Too' Anything"

After a summer hiatus, "Video of the Week" is back! I'm looking forward to using these videos in my classroom to spark conversation and change the way that we view the media we see. 

Check out the intro video to Olay's new campaign, "Together, we can face anything":

Here's what I'm thinking about after watching this ad: 

  • What adjectives have people attached "too" to in your life? How has this impacted you? 
  • One speaker says, "I think 'too' has a judgement attached to it." Do you agree? 
  • This ad attaches this to women specifically. Do you think it is primarily a female experience? How does neglecting the male point of view impact the viewing of this ad?
  • At the end of the video, the women strongly claim these attributes without the use of the word "too." How did that make you feel? 
  • How does the music track throughout the video impact the viewing?