Video of the Week: "Purl | Pixar SparkShorts"

I was excited to see a new Pixar Short come across my screen last week. I always appreciate Pixar’s master storytelling. However, “Purl” was not at all what I expected. Take a look:

How to Make Resolutions (3).png

I recommend watching this one twice. I was a little too caught up in the story the first time to miss all of the nuances that make this video the critique of society it truly is. The video is based on the writer & director’s personal experience, and it’s definitely a poignant commentary on workplace dynamics.

Here are some of the things we’ll be discussing:

  • List all of the ways this short strives to critique the workplace as a “man’s world.”

  • What does Purl do to try to fit in? Have you ever found yourself doing these things?

  • What did you think of Pixar’s use of inappropriate humor and language? Does it add or detract from the story? Does it change your view of them as a company?