Video of the Week: "Dear Tech: An Open Letter to the Industry"

To me, the best part of a major TV event like the Oscars (or the Superbowl) are the new advertisements. Check out this new ad posed as an open letter to the tech industry:

Here’s what I’m excited to discuss:

  • What’s the effect of starting this ad with “Dear Tech, I love the way you…”?

  • How does using questions help communicate their message?

  • How does releasing this ad impact IBM’s brand? Why do they not show their logo until the very end?

  • This video uses a diverse selection of voices (age, gender, race, etc.). Are there any voices missing?

  • What would you write in your own letter to the tech industry?

  • This ad came across my Twitter feed via a promoted tweet from Janelle Monáe, actress in Moonlight & Hidden Figures, during the Oscars. How does that impact its message (or not)?