Video of the Week: "We Have Destroyed Copyright Law"

The internet has changed the way people think about copyright - mostly in the fact that most people don’t think about copyright when it comes to the internet. Content is continually shared and reshared, often with no credit to the original author, let alone their permission to share it. Take a look at how YouTube has influenced this change in perspective:

Video of the Week (1).png

Here are a few of the things we’ll be discussing in my class this week:

  • If someone was using your media, would you choose to 1) track it, 2) claim the money, 3) block it, or 4) take it down? Why?

  • Should copyright laws change? If so, how should we change it? If not, how should we enforce it?

  • Should YouTube be held responsible for copyright violations?

  • As a creator, would you take copyright risks?