Video of the Week: "Make Room | Netflix"

At SVCUE on Saturday, I enjoyed listening in on a great conversation between Jonathan Almerido and one of the students in his class about the importance of seeing diversity in Netflix shows during my session on TED-style talks. It is only fitting, then, that this week’s video of the week is a call from Netflix to do just that. Take a look:

How to Make Resolutions (5).png

Here’s what we’ll be discussing this week:

  • “Have you ever been in a room and not seen anybody else like you?” What was that like?

  • How do we subtly tell people they don’t belong?

  • Do you think Netflix is doing a good job at “making room” for a diverse selection of voices to be heard? Give some examples.

  • Do you think other areas of pop culture are “making room”? Think perhaps about movies, books, songs, TV, etc.

  • Why does Netflix release this ad?