Video of the Week: "The Perfect Resume"

This ad came on TV when I was sitting in the airport last week and stopped me in my tracks for its honest reality. Take a look:

Video of the Week (9).png

After watching it a few more times since then, I’ve been thinking about the following questions:

  • What assumptions did you make about the character in this story despite the fact that she never talks? What do you think created those assumptions?

  • How would this ad be different if it were a man playing the role rather than a woman? Why do you think Monster made that choice?

  • Monster creates great credibility for themselves by acknowledging the problem that many have felt. In doing so, they also tell the audience they are the solution to this problem without explaining how they solve it. Do you believe they’re the solution? What do you think about this advertising strategy?

  • In rhetoric, pathos is using the audience’s emotions to win them over to your argument. How did this ad do that for you?