A Day in the Life of an Instructional Designer

Although I’ve been creating training for over six years now, it wasn’t until school let out last June that I started doing ID work full time. Today, for the first time since I started preschool, I didn’t go back to school.

People often ask me what I do now that I’m not in the classroom. Over the last two months, I’ve learned to claim a new title: Instructional Designer. The only problem is, most people don’t really have context for what that means. So here’s a day in my life as instructional designer.

5:42 AM | Wake up 3 minutes before the alarm goes off.

6 AM | Pour my coffee and read Twitter.

6:45 AM | Head into my home office and reply to all of the emails I’ve been neglecting.

7 AM | Make corrections on a slide deck based on client feedback.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 3.09.34 PM.png

7:30 AM | Create a new business card with my new logo and new title.

8 AM | Update my website to incorporate my new logo and color scheme.

9 AM | Finish creating newsletter template for client.

9:15 AM | Update slide deck with linked resources to support in-person training.

9:45 AM | Follow up with client on project plan.

10 AM | Create slide deck to be used on-boarding eLearning presentation.

11:23 AM | Make lunch and eat it because I’m hungry.

12 PM | Create graphics for upcoming events.

12:30 PM | Take care of details for upcoming trip.

1 PM | Export final copy of course quiz built in Articulate Storyline. Upload to CourseSites. Test course.

1:30 PM | Go for run around the park admiring the beautiful mountains. Walk home writing this blog post in my head.

2:30 PM | Write blog post.

I’m so grateful to being doing the work I’m doing.