Video of the Week: "Every Fight Ever"

Sometimes we think our situations are more unique than they really are. I appreciate how this week’s video shows this to be true. Thanks to Jonathan Brubaker for sharing this week’s video. And before you start watching, you might take the advice of one commenter and watch without sound first. What do you think is going on just by their body language?

Video of the Week.png

Here’s what I’m wondering:

  • Could you relate to this video in any way?

  • How did stripping away the content of fight impact your viewing?

  • How does relatability impact humor?

  • Rank the following in order of impact: body language, tone of voice. word choice.

  • If you were going to write a similar sketch about fights between kids and parents or between friends, what type of things would you include?

  • Do you think this was a positive way to deal with conflict? If so, why? If not, what would you suggest instead?