Video of the Week: "JFK Unsilenced"

This week's video blew my mind more than any I've seen in a while. CereProc, a company specializing in text-to-speech, basically raised JFK from the dead to deliver the speech he was on his way to give when he was assassinated. Take a look:

Here's what I'm thinking: 

  • This video was shot in 1963. What themes do you see that are still present today? 
  • Would you say this project is worthy of the time it took to produce it? 
  • Find someone who lived during JFK's presidency. What did they think of hearing this speech?
  • How does the spoken word compare and contrast to the written word? 
  • What is the effect of using AI in this way? What power is there? What danger is there?
  • Why might a Scottish company and a British news outlet be behind the making of this video? 

Video of the Week: "Brené Brown on Blame"

There's nothing like starting summer break with conviction. I've been reading Brené Brown's Rising Strong, and I'm learning so much. I want her to be my best friend. I'll leave you with a small taste of that goodness today: 

Here's what I'm thinking about: 

  • Who's your "Steve" that you're quick to blame?
  • Would you rather it be your fault than no one's fault? Do you think that's related to your need for control? 
  • Brown states, "Blame is simply the discharging of discomfort and blame." Do you agree with this statement? How does that change the way you see yourself as a blamer? How does that change how you look at someone blaming you?
  • How would you say blame is related to accountability and empathy?

Video of the Week: "Palau Pledge"

Every time we enter a new country, we become subject to its rules. Well, for one country, Palau, that now means acknowledging you'll take care of the country. In fact, its a vow to the country's children that you must sign in your passport. Take a look: 

Here's what I'm thinking: 

  • What's the effect of pledging this to the country's children? 
  • Would you be able to sign this pledge? 
  • What would you want visitors to your country to pledge? 
  • What do you think about the idea of signing a pledge in your passport before country entry? 
  • What types of things would you be unable to sign in a pledge to a country like this? 

Video of the Week: "Beauty in Real Life"

CVS announced this week that they're going to stop altering their beauty-related images on their products by 2020. As part of that announcement, they launched a new campaign, Beauty in Real Life: 

Here's what I'm wondering: 

  • The first line of the ad says, "In real life, beauty is up to us," while a woman applies makeup. Do you think that implies/communicates that makeup must be present for beauty to exist? 
  • The phrases following all of have strong sentences about beauty while applying make up. Do you agree with the phrases? Do you think makeup must be present to achieve them? 
  • How would you define beauty? 
  • What affect do you think it will have to stop altering beauty-related images? 

Video of the Week: "Wins and Losses"

Student stress and pressure has been something that I've been thinking a lot about lately. We're even doing a parent night tonight at San Jose Christian about it. It was really interesting, then, for me to come across this ad campaign from Kaiser Permanente this morning: 

Things I'm thinking about this morning: 

  • Do you agree with Curry's claim that the mind is where every challenge is either won or lost? Why or why not? 
  • Do you agree with the campaign's claim that if you train the mind the body will follow? Why or why not?
  • Why would Kaiser Permanente create this as an ad? 
  • Do you think brain training is a solution to student stress?