Video of the Week

Video of the Week: "How Photography Is Affecting Our Brains"

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about selfies this week after listening to Craig Detweiler speak as part of Calvin College’s January Series. This week’s video continued that thinking:

Here’s what I’m wondering:

  • One man states, “Selfies are sometimes like a representation of what you want to look like, the best version of you.” Do you agree with this claim?

  • Have you ever used an app like FaceTune? Why or why not?

  • How do apps like FaceTune change how you look through an Instagram feed?

  • What do you think about how noses change with close range photos?

  • Should people take selfies? Why or why not?

  • What would eye-tracking software show about how you choose an image to take?

Video of the Week: "How to Make Goals, Not Resolutions"

Happy New Year! I’m excited and ready to head back to school this morning after a nice couple of weeks off. Did you set any New Year ‘s resolutions or goals? Do you see the difference? Take a look:

How to Make Resolutions.png

Here’s what we’ll be discussing this week:

  • How would you summarize John Green’s point in making this video?

  • Did you set any resolutions or goals? Why? How are they going a week in?

  • What political views is Green sharing in this video?

  • How does acknowledging the trade-offs needed impact the goal-setting process?

  • What would you write in a letter to yourself looking back at last year and ahead to this coming year?

Video of the Week: "Google - Year in Search 2018"

I love the “Year in Search” videos that Google puts out every year highlighting the search trends throughout the year. Check out this year’s video:

Here’s what we’ll be discussing this week after watching this video:

  • How many of the search queries were familiar to you?

  • What percentage of the videos above should people be familiar with in order to be considered engaged citizens?

  • Which event over the course of the past year (whether in this video or not) has been most inspiring to you?

  • Google ends with the message “Good things are worth searching for.” How does that message fit (or not) with the events of the past year?

  • Take a look at some more of the trends. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

  • Try this game based on the search trends of 2018. In my classroom, we’ll be voting by walking to that side of the room.

Video of the Week: "Holiday - Share Your Gifts - Apple"

Although this week’s video is a holiday ad, it’s message has year-round importance:

Here’s what we’ll be discussing in my classroom this week. Take a look at the lyrics too.

  • What intentional choices has Apple made to make the setting and “props” relevant?

  • Is your cup half full or half empty?

  • Do you have specific projects/gifts you like to hide inside? What are they? Why do you keep them inside?

  • Who could you share your gifts with this Christmas?

  • How does it change the song to add this animation?

  • Why would Apple use this as a holiday ad?

Video of the Week: "Bouygues Christmas 2018"

I love Christmas. I love family. I love technology. So this week’s video gives all the feelings:

  • What about this video convinces you to use Bouygues’s service?

  • “This Christmas, offer much more than technology.” How does this ad both prove and disprove this message?

  • What do you parents do to embarrass you?

  • Do you FaceTime your grandparents? How do you think seeing each other impacts the conversation?