Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight: #PixInParks


Every year, the Santa Clara County Parks chooses seven trails to challenge hikers to complete over the course of the year. After participants complete all seven trails, they can bring their photos into the Santa Clara Country Park office to receive a free t-shirt or bandanna.

This interactive map allows users to view the 2019 trail locations, lengths, difficulties, and maps, all in one place.

Click the image below to launch the course!

Media used with permission, Santa Clara County Parks.

Project Spotlight: TrainSmart | Fundamentals

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Training departments are built from employees with a wide variety of backgrounds. Often these backgrounds are not in education or instructional design. Or perhaps they are, but the trainers need more hands on training of how to develop quality training programs from start to finish.

Cumby Consulting saw this need in its work with medical device training companies. Together we asked, how might we empower medical device trainers to design, develop, and implement effective trainings that meet the specific needs of surgeons and sales reps?

Course Objectives

  • Participants will implement a needs assessment to understand the training need.

  • Given a training need, participants will design learning objectives with a measurable audience, behavior, condition, and degree.

  • Given learning objectives, participants will complete a lesson plan that utilizes best practices for transferring knowledge to long-term memory and applies adult learning principles.

  • Participants will practice implementation best practices with the content they have developed.

  • Given the data of a final course evaluation, participants will evaluate the training’s effectiveness by calculating ROI.

Course Features

  • 6 Asynchronous Modules & 3 Synchronous Sessions

  • 66-Page Participant Guide

  • Discussion Forums

  • Hands-On Activities for Each Module

  • Module Assessments with SCORM Tracking

  • Final Evaluation

Apps & Resources

Course lessons were built in Articulate’s Storyline 360 and packaged using Articulate Rise. These packages were exported as SCORM packages and imported into CourseSites, a LMS created by Blackboard. Additional resources were built in Desmos, Microsoft Office, and iMovie.