Video of the Week: "Nike - Tiger Woods: Same Dream"

Yesterday, moments after Tiger Woods won the Masters, Nike released this ad that immediately flooded social media streams. Take a look:

Video of the Week (6).png

Here’s what I’m wondering:

  • How often do you think advertisements like this one are created but never shown? Is it still worth it for those companies?

  • Are you pursuing any of the same dreams today that you pursued at age three? Do you think you’ll still be chasing it at 43?

  • Tiger Woods has endured a lot of bad press since he last won in 2005 because of his poor choices. Fourteen years later, he has finally won again. What does this say about persistence?

  • Should Tiger Woods continue to pursue this dream?

Video of the Week: "Machine Learning and Human Bias"

Yesterday this tweet showed up in my Twitter feed. Before then, I hadn’t really thought about the biases present in machine learning, which is a bias of my own. I’m interested to learn more about this issue. Let’s start today with an overview to the problem:

Video of the Week (4).png

Here’s what we’ll be discussing this week:

  • What did you picture when you pictured a shoe? How do you think that choice is impacted by your own experiences?

  • What are some of the things you use on a daily basis that utilize machine learning?

  • “Just because something is based on data doesn’t automatically make it neutral.” Can you think of other instances where this would be true?

  • Have you seen this bias in machine learning?

  • What solutions can you suggest for combatting this complex problem?

Video of the Week: "Introducing Google Tulip"

I love Google, and I love tulips, so obviously, I love the idea of “Google Tulip.”

Video of the Week (3).png

Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

  • At what point did you know that this wasn’t real?

  • What made the video believable up until that point?

  • Comments are disabled for Google’s videos. Why do you think they choose to do that?

  • As viewers of media, how do you decide when something is credible and when it is not?

Video of the Week: "Privacy on iPhone -- Private Side"

If I had a dollar for every time this ad appeared as a sponsored Tweet in my feed this past week, I might be able to fund a new iPhone. Take a look:

Video of the Week (2).png

Here’s what I’m thinking about:

  • When is privacy a preference and when is it a right?

  • How do feelings of shame influence our desires for privacy?

  • What makes this a good ad to have as a sponsored post?

  • Do you now trust the iPhone to keep your data private? Why or why not?

Video of the Week: "We Have Destroyed Copyright Law"

The internet has changed the way people think about copyright - mostly in the fact that most people don’t think about copyright when it comes to the internet. Content is continually shared and reshared, often with no credit to the original author, let alone their permission to share it. Take a look at how YouTube has influenced this change in perspective:

Video of the Week (1).png

Here are a few of the things we’ll be discussing in my class this week:

  • If someone was using your media, would you choose to 1) track it, 2) claim the money, 3) block it, or 4) take it down? Why?

  • Should copyright laws change? If so, how should we change it? If not, how should we enforce it?

  • Should YouTube be held responsible for copyright violations?

  • As a creator, would you take copyright risks?