Video of the Week: "The Page Turner | Rube Goldberg | Joseph's Machines"

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For many, today marks the true beginning of summer break. It’s the first full week without the school routine. Inevitably, parents will begin hearing, “I’m bored” this week. This summer, Video of the Week will feature boredom-busting inspiration. First up: Joseph’s Machines - insane Rube Goldberg machines. What Rube Goldberg machine can YOU make?

Video of the Week: "Saying Goodbye"

It’s our last week of school. This week is all about signing yearbooks, graduation, and celebrating the hard work we’ve all done this year. But it’s also about saying goodbye.

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Here’s what I’m wondering:

  • How are you feeling about saying goodbye?

  • “Saying goodbye / Why is it sad? / Makes us remember the good times we've had.” What are some of your favorite good times from this year?

  • “Don't want to leave / But we both know / Sometimes it's better to go". Do you agree with this statement?

  • In the video description, the uploader writes, “ I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED.” Does that make it okay?

Video of the Week: "How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme"

It seems like everyone is selling something these days. Facebook is littered with people selling products and/or trying to get you to do the same. Are they pyramid schemes?

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Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

  • What are some of the products you see being sold in these Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) businesses?

  • If you or someone you know was interested in starting a MLM company, what questions should you ask to ensure it isn’t a pyramid scheme?

  • Why do you think these pyramid schemes flourish in small communities like churches or immigrant communities?

  • As a user of the internet, what do you need to be aware of when looking at claims online?

  • What did you think about the ending challenge from this video?

Video of the Week: "Selling Pineapple Ice Cream"

This week’s video of the week comes compliments of Lisa DeLapo, who shared it a few weeks ago at the kick-off of #MERIT19.

Video of the Week (10).png

Here’s what we’ll be discussing:

  • List all of the ways that the little girl learns by example. Do you think learning by example is the most effective way to learn?

  • How can parents teach their children to solve their own problems rather than solving them for them?

  • What do you think this commercial is for? Why?

  • At the end, the commercial states, “Family inspires infinite possibilities for learning.” Do you agree with this statement?

Video of the Week: "What Nike Told Me When I Wanted to Have a Baby | NYT Opinion"

The New York Times is now making opinion pieces into YouTube videos. Take a look at this one published yesterday:

Video of the Week (9).png
  • In what ways does this ad reference previous Nike ads? What effect does that have on the argument and on your viewing of it?

  • Does Alysia Montano convince you of her argument? What parts of this ad influenced you?

  • At the end of the video, it says that Nike has claimed it has changed its approach. Do you think that’s true? How does that affect the publishing of this ad?

  • What do you think about The New York Times spending time/energy/money on this type of media?