A cohort of Christian educators creating lessons that integrate faith, content, and technology to empower students to redeem the world for Jesus Christ both in local and global communities.


Expert Tech Training

Rachel Medeiros is the Director of Educational Technology and a teacher at CSI-accredited San Jose Christian School. As a Google for Education Certified Trainer & Innovator and an Apple Teacher, Rachel leads ed tech PD in both public & private schools. She holds California Single Subject Credentials in English, Math, and Social Science.


In-Person Trainings & Ongoing Support

Receive technology integration support at four in-person trainings focusing on different ways to integrate faith and technology into the secondary classroom. Between trainings, receive ongoing support through email, Google Hangout, and phone. 


Intentional Faith Integration

Learn intentional ways to bring faith into the classroom by teaching technology best practices and through empowering students to redeem the world for Jesus Christ. With each lesson, intentionally help students recognize God's character, story, calling, and world, and disciple them to be more like Him.

Student-Centered Lesson Planning

Develop lesson plans, like this video of Rachel presenting on the elements of short stories, that put the students at the center and intentionally build character. Empower your students to create products that make a difference in the world today. 


The FIT Cohort is designed for the Christian educator who is interested in learning more about how to integrate technology effectively in his or her secondary classroom. The cohort will be limited to 25 participants.


Four in-person, six-hour trainings throughout the year that equip teachers with technology tools and ideas to implement the tools effectively. Each training will give teachers time to create a lesson or assessment in the area of focus. Between sessions, teachers will receive ongoing support and encouragement from Rachel Medeiros and the other members of the cohort.


In-person trainings will happen at San Jose Christian School. Lesson plans infused with faith and technology will be implemented in the schools of cohort members throughout the Silicon Valley.


The in-person trainings will happen on a Friday before school starts, August 4, and three Thursdays throughout the school year: October 26, February 1, and April 12. Meetings will be from 8:30-3:30. Implementation of lessons will happen in teacher classrooms throughout the year.


This idea came from an #InnovationRetreat with other Christian school educators. The goal is to help Christian school teachers effectively integrate technology into their classrooms with a Christian worldview. The FIT Cohort also hopes to build community between the Christian schools and teachers within the area.


Register! Participants will need sub coverage on the three in-person training days during the school year to allow them to participate in the trainings. Schools can register one teacher for $600 or two teachers for $1000. Administrators will receive an update after each in-person session in the form of a teacher lesson plan and a FIT Update.