Kahoot allows you to create games for students to practice class material. Students uses colors and shapes on their own screens to select one of 2-4 answers for a question on a class-screen. This competitive platform allows teachers to stop and teach or clarify mid-game and even download the results. 

Quizlet creates online flashcards that either students or teachers can create. Each flashcard deck automatically creates individual games for students to use in practicing the terms. In addition, each teacher account (free!) comes with the game Quizlet Live, which puts students into teams to collaboratively match terms and definitions.  

Quizizz allows teachers to search for or create multiple-choice quizzes for students to show what they know. Students are able to work at their own pace to complete the quiz, while teachers are able to view their progress on-screen in real time. 

Formative allows you to create exercises for your students so that you can see their progress in real time. The platform allows for a variety of question types including multiple choice, short answer, and even a whiteboard to show their work. Tag questions with standards and track how individual students improve over time. 

Flubaroo takes your Google Form questions and automatically grades it for you! Fill out the form once yourself and then Flubaroo will grade the others for you. Customize your answers to allow for the grading of multiple choice, selections, and short answer questions. Grade other questions by hand.