Our Mission

Create custom-built training programs that amplify in hearts & minds.


Whether your audience is teachers, surgeons, salesmen, kids, or customers, they all deserve effective, engaging, and purposeful training programs that align with your vision. By working with us, your learners will meet your learning goals and enjoy the process.

Here’s how it works:



I’ll start by working to understand the goals you have for the training program. You can fill out this Doc, and/or we can meet together to talk more about the program’s background and vision. This allows me to develop a proposal that gives you a specific timeline with deliverables to meet your project’s goals and deadlines.


After we sign a contract, I’ll dive into designing your training program. If that’s an in-person program, I’ll give you a proposed agenda. If you’re developing an eLearning course or slidedeck, I’ll create a storyboard outlining the course’s content. No matter what the medium, I’ll provide a detailed plan for how I will meet the learning goals you have for your audience while making them active participants in the learning process. I’ll send this plan over to you and look forward to the feedback you have to give.


I’ll then jump into developing the materials for the training program. Slide decks, handouts, SCORM packages, activities, facilitation guides: I’ll make sure you have everything needed for a successful training program. Feel free to check-in as often as you like to see how your training program is coming to life.


It’s time to engage your participants in the learning of the material! Depending on your training needs, I’ll either implement the training program or empower one of your staff members to do so. Enjoy watching your participants actively engaged in learning.


After the implementation of the training program, I’ll provide an evaluation for participants to take to demonstrate their learning and give feedback on the training program. I’ll compile this data into a summary of the training program for you to share with key stakeholders demonstrating the effectiveness of the program.  

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Rachel Medeiros
President, Instructional designer

With over six years of experience developing custom-built training programs for schools, entrepreneurs, and corporations, Rachel creates engaging activities that deliver real results.

As a former middle school teacher, Rachel holds California single-subject teaching credentials in English, math, and social science. Her innovative ideas and passionate workshops led her to become a Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer. 

Rachel now brings that same innovation and passion to every client. With a Masters in Instructional Science & Technology from California State University, Monterey Bay, Rachel understands the science behind how people learn.

When she’s not working, Rachel enjoys cycling to specialty coffee shops, reading in the sunshine, and cooking with what’s in season.