Video Production

Creating videos takes time, but it's an easy and highly effective way to amplify positive voices. When creating videos, it's important to follow a process, much like when writers use the writing process. Record the powerful voices that your students possess and amplify them by sharing them with others. 



In pre-production, movie directors gather inspiration and plan out their videos. Start by gathering inspiration from YouTube playlists. Critique what makes a good video and what should be improved in others. Learn to create a storyboard, write a script, and gather your costumes and props. 


During the production phase, movie directors collect film footage to use in their video. With a little extra time and effort, directors create shots that evoke emotions and are visually pleasing to the eye.


After collecting film, it is time to edit it together to a final, fluid product. Video editing software and Creative Commons licensed sound effects and images help create a polished product.